Washington State — Senate Health Care Committee

On cable I was able to receive the audio video of the Washington State — Senate Health Care Committee proceedings today.  I found myself mesmerized by the committee, the committee members, the witnesses coming to testify.  What a pleasant surprise.  Everything was good, the information regarding the topics of the work of the committee was interesting, Democrats and Republicans simply enjoyed and respected one another, there was clear but gentle statement of opposing opinions. It was formal yet not off-putting, . . .  made me feel good, confident about our leadership.  A good two hours of hearing.  How interesting  that the hearing was appealing, was of attentive interest.  It was, simply put, Good.


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The word iconic is getting a good deal of use lately.  It is as if one hears the word, connects it to a situation, and then uses it when he/she can.  This is not a bad thing.  More and more people will use the word and thus the meaning of the word expands.  The expanded use of the word becomes a sort of “mind of man made.”  Misuse of the word will be detected, and the essence of the word will remain true.

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Diocese of Spokane: Ex Vicar-General Criticizes Bishop Departing to be Bishop of the Diocese of Chicago

All over America the Catholic Church is struggling with the history of sexual abuse in the church. The church is not alone. The problem of past sexual abuse by people of power in a diverse array of institutions has been coming to the fore, into consciousness, and into material world of the legal systems. Besides the Catholic Church others in trouble include Mormons, Boy Scouts, schools, colleges, caregivers and related institutions, etc.

The time of troubles of the Diocese of Spokane, Washington is of interest for all who care to understand how the Diocese of Spokane is dealing with its troubles.

It is undergoing a “twist” of sorts at present:  Blasé Cupich, the most recent Bishop of Spokane, brought a diocese legal malpractice action against the law firm which represented Bishop William Skylstad, the Bishop which led the diocese through the initiation and finalization of a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Arrangement.  (Bankruptcy is often resorted to regarding multiple claims against an entity.  See Richard B. Sobol, Bending the Law, The Story of the Dalkon Shield Bankruptcy.)

News about the most recent development in the “struggle of the Diocese of Spokane” can be found in this story in the Spokesman-Review — Ex Vicar-General Critical of Lawsuit.  The Spokesman-Review has done a number of stories.  Many of them can be found in the column to the right of story’s webpage under “Related Stories.”

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Recent immigrant children spread thoughout the United States

The news this evening (2012_09_29) brings a story about the recent surge of immigrant children, and they have gone.  They have been spread throughout the United States.  The children will be waiting for their hearings to be scheduled, while they are waiting, they will have homes. They will go to school, our schools; They will come to know us and we, them.  The children will get the benefit of education, sustenance, and friendship.  They will be a benefit to their country as ours  when they return.  If they stay they will be a benefit to us and their country and their countrymen.  I think it good that America, my country (I have 75% immigrant blood in me) is doing what it is doing.  Not only is the doing intelligent it is compassionate.  The children will come away from the experience with more intelligence and greater compassion.

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Spokane City Council Attention

City Council Attention? Last week the city council devoted attention to an effort to keep the Spokane Tribe from competing with the Kalispel Tribe.

This coming week, the city council is going to devote its attention to marriage and sex.

What pray tell is going on? The city council has no power to act in these areas. There is no law which gives it such non-city power. One would suppose these unpleasant facts are known to the council and its lawyers.

So what gives? My guess is the council members are simply playing to the crowd, asking the crowd for love and attention, making the crowd the real electorate. This is pretty sad, and it does not forebode well for our city.

At a time when Spokane County and Spokane and its other cities and towns should be recognizing and taking steps to be what we are – a city, a single metropolitan area of nearly 500,000 – we are acting like we have nothing to do but play useless political games. Games of no necessary consequence for the taxpayers and people who need a well run city. What a shame!

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City of Spokane is Anti-Competitive — Breaking the law yet again.

The mayor and the city Council only have such authority as authorized by the Washington State Constitution and the laws of  Washington. Nowhere does the mayor or the city Council have authority to engage in activities which are solely for the benefit of one economic entity over another.  Such  is not part of the governmental game.

Our new government believes it can use the power of the people of Spokane to benefit a particular group to the detriment of another group. This is wrong —  worse, it is illegal.

Spokane seems intent on engaging in conduct which is not only wrong but is corrosive of the strength and goodwill of our good city. Mayor Condon, Council President Stuckert and the Council members who voted in favor of opposing the Spokane Tribe’s legal development efforts should be roundly chastised and questioned.

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John Henry Browne, Attorney for Staff Sargent Robert Bales

There is a good piece about John Henry Browne in the New York Times today — about him and his efforts to defend Staff Sargent Robert Bales.  The case is a terrible tragedy.  A tragedy for all.  I am sending some money to Mr. Browne to help a bit.

A thought:  The United States has created, I believe, a permanant state of war.  She demands that her soldiers become permanant soldiers.  I doubt the human mind, I doubt the emotions which are a part of each one of us, can sustain permanant states of war.

Think of it — your friends are murdered.  Do you think you will ever get over it?  Let me tell you, you will not.  Your friends live in you, but they are no longer there.  Your pain, your sorrow for them,  is everlasting.  It is an every day event.

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